Vba screen updating code

I have been following Screen Updating Property through Debug. Enable Events = True End Sub Sub DP_disbursement() Dim number_disbursements As Integer Application.

And then put a debug.print before/after each line (including before after the select line). and then put a debug print after the called sub ends and the code returns to the original sub. Well that narrows it down to the selecting I guess, and I guess further that it's specifically the selection of a sheet that wasn't the active sheet when you launched the macro.

I'm running a macro that has to open and run code from a module, then open a table after it's done.

The problem is that the user can see the code module a few seconds before the table is opened.

Still, any ideas why the Screen Updating = False doesn't work when I select a different sheet? Is it because the selection was performed in a different sub?

So, the debug.prints are correct, reflecting the fact that screen updating is off.

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